Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It is not too hot, but it is not yet cold. It along with spring are, in my opinion, the best times to experiment with fashion trends. With Fall being around the corner, it is time to start thinking about all the great fall fashion items in store. I took the time to gather up a few of my must have items for this fall. These items and trends are no where near new, but I believe they will become staples in my closet in the upcoming months as NYC braces colder weather

bodysuitsand jeans

Bodysuits and ripped jeans are especially trendy during the fall season. Ripped jeans give an outfit a more edgy, relaxed look Topshop ripped jeans $70. Bodysuits are great because they provide you with a slimmed down and sleek figure, and are easy to tuck into skirts, pants, and jeans. Another good thing about them is that you can transition your summer bodysuit to work in the fall simply by adding a chunky sweater or jacket on top. I love layering in the fall because it keeps you warm, all while looking put together and chic. Try these from Missguided $20-$24.

jacketsandcoatsSpeaking of Jackets and Coats, here are a few great options to layer over your clothes during the fall months. A camel or neutral color waterfall coat provides an outfit with classic sophistication. The ones above are from Boohoo $52 and NewAgeRebel $65. If a waterfall coat is not your thing then a classic leather jacket, like this one from Zara $89.90, is a perfect piece to throw on and go. Leather is always edgy and always chic.

accessories Finally, let’s talk about accessories. As a college student in NYC, I want to be comfortable and look good at the same time. Lace up ballet flats are cute and extremely trendy at the moment. You can spot them on fashion bloggers all over Instagram, and they would make the perfect addition to your closet when flip flops and sandals are no longer appropriate in cooler weather. These are from Missguided $36 and Freya $69.99. Another great piece is a slip on sneaker, like this one in a burgundy color from H&M $24.99. If you like the flats, but think you can pull off a shoe with some height, these tan suede booties from Lola Shoetique $34.99 will be perfect for you, especially when it gets super cold. Last but not least let’s mention a cute bag to go along with all these products. This bag from Jcostudios $165 is so trendy and so classic at the same time, that you will get great use out of it no matter the season. It comes in several neutral shades, as well as in a few shades especially tailored for fall such as burgundy and dark khaki green. Although it is a bit pricey it is worth checking out.


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