The other day I took it upon myself to go into the city and walk around Soho in hopes of finding the perfect jeans. Soho is home to many shops, both mainstream stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Topshop etc. as well as a few mini boutiques. This time around I was particularly interested in visiting Topshop, a British based clothing store, to find myself a pair of jeans. I was always intrigued by the store but somehow I had never gone inside, so I decided that after scrolling through countless images of style bloggers on Instagram wearing what seemed to be perfectly fitting jeans from the clothing store, that today would be the day. A friend of mine came with me and we walked in, heading straight for the denim section upstairs. Stay tuned for more on what I bought, and a review of the jeans coming soon!!

As for what I wore that day, well it was extremely hot outside and by hot I mean typical NYC summer weather reaching the high 80s. So I opted for something comfy and flowy.

Photo Aug 27, 3 37 39 PM (1)

Both the top and the bottom are from Zara. I bought the shorts from there about two years ago and do not remember how much I bought them for. As for the top, I recently bought the off the shoulder top for around $35-40. I am not sure If it is still available though as most stores have already begun bringing in Fall clothing. The shoes are from Vince Camuto and they were a gift.

Photo Aug 27, 5 22 29 PM (1)

I hope you liked this post! Comment below and tell me what is your favorite place to shop where you live. Bye!!


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