FEELING FRENCH | First Trip to Ladurée!

Macarons are the epitome of chic, french cookies. They are colorful and sweet, light and airy, and are traditionally filled with raspberry filling, chocolate, or cream. Now I don’t live in France (although I am obsessed with visiting), so I decided to do the next best thing and visit Maison Ladurée in Soho to get my hands on some french macarons!

Photo Aug 27, 3 34 06 PMPhoto Aug 27, 3 21 30 PMPhoto Aug 27, 3 21 50 PMI sat down with a friend of mine and we ordered dessert. Since the reason I visited Ladurée in the first place was to try their famous macarons I decided to order two and see what all the hype was about.

Photo Aug 27, 3 03 30 PM

I really wanted to try their famous salted caramel flavor but sadly they were sold out. Instead I decided to go with toffee which was recommended to me by the waiter and the traditional pistachio. As usual I was skeptical, as I have been let down by “overhyped” products in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised once I took a bite. The Ladurée macrons are absolutely phenomenal and are hands down the best french macarons I have ever had. Not only were they perfectly airy and crisp, they were moist and the fillings were delicious. The Toffee ended up being my favorite as it was buttery, rich, and sweet all at the same time. These were so good that I decided to splurge and buy a box of six to take home with me and share with my family…
Photo Aug 27, 3 10 32 PMThe macarons come in your choice of a pastel green or pink box with the famous Ladurée print in the front. The box of six is priced at $21. It is a bit pricey, but considering how stunning the packaging is and then throw in tasty treats, you know that your money was well spent.

From left to right, I ordered pistachio, toffee, rose petal, vanilla, chocolate, and another pistachio.

Photo Aug 27, 3 35 37 PMPhoto Aug 27, 3 34 54 PM (1)

Aside from macarons Ladurée offers many other french pastries that are just as beautiful and taste just as amazing. I definitely recommend Ladurée for anyone who wants to get their fix of the french macaron experience. You can sit down inside or in the garden outside and order, or you can take your pastries to go. Either way you won’t be disappointed! I know I wasn’t 🙂


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